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Women More Like Men in the red dress

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Men dressed in red is considered a higher social status. That makes it attractive. Men who are looking for a mate, the following recipe is worth a try. According to the study team of scientists from the United States (U.S.), the average woman likes a man dressed in red.

According to the CNN page, Friday, August 6, 2010, research that involves the women respondents in a number of countries. They are in China, USA, UK, and Germany. As a result, the majority of respondents stated that the color red is not just a section for women. The Adam also looks attractive when wearing these brightly colored clothes.

Andrew Elliot, lead researcher from the University of Rochester, New York, said the respondents also rated men dressed in red have a higher social status. The perception of high status that makes the men become attractive.

In a study published in the media "Journal of Experimental Psychology," the red color has been invited since past fascination. "In primitive societies, objects that are considered sacred painted red or stored in a red packet to increase the potency and as a very important symbol," the study concluded.

Since time immemorial, people in China, Japan and Sub-Saharan Africa, red is seen as a symbol of wealth and high status. "The people of Roman times was called the men in power are those who are in the red dress," wrote the study.

Recent research also strengthens your search history. Elliot led the research team to do seven experiments. The respondents, aged between 19 years to 22 years divided into two groups.

However, the research team confirmed that an attractive color that will only increase the perception of status and romance. So, not make the man in question becomes more popular and being good. (Umi)
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