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Style Contemporary Muslim Women

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The designers managed to highlight the natural silhouette and a woman's curves. Dubai fashion world more colorful with a mix of creativity, culture, traditions and patterns of contemporary cuts. This collaboration gave birth to a stunning masterpiece of modern fashion with a touch of culture from all over the world.

In his latest collection at Dubai Fashion Week, Indian-born designer, Shrekahnth, creating modern pieces on the patterns of light that inspired the journey of Ibn Batuta, a scholar and famous Moroccan traveler.

"Journey of Ibn Batuta is an adventure. His trip to see many countries in the 14th century from the perspective of an Arab traveler." Journey of Ibn Batuta spanned almost the entire Islamic world, from Eastern Europe to Asia.

The patterns that he took, among them Jambiya cocktail dress pattern, or motif style of Japanese artist Hokusai Kanagawa. There is also a Salamander and caftan dresses to attend the iftar.

On the basis of modern interpretation, Shrekahnth successfully manipulate the pieces according to the type of Arab and Muslim women of today, highlighting the natural silhouette, and a woman's curves.

"Geometry and structure are always present in my work. Like the pyramids of Islam that has been crystallized, which can be used Muslim women," said Shrekahnth as quoted by Arab News.

Of the pieces that she carries, obvious fashion influence of Paris in the 1930s and contemporary designers such as Halston, Azzedine Alaïa and Marchesa. For him, modern piece serves as a canvas for digital art Shrekahnth.

"I look at knitting that is almost dead in India, Palestine kafiyeh woven, or woven ikat from Indonesia or vintage Bedouin. I mix them with modern elements and making it super-fashion."

Clothing Shrekahnth familiar with pieces of the Bold, graphic, and youthful art and traditions of Persia, Egypt, India, China and Africa in the perspective of a traveler. (Pet)
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