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Five Style 'Deadly' Lady Gaga

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Know Buzzworthy five distinctive style that tends to harm him.

Lady Gaga is not only confiscate the music world with songs that became hits. He also created his own style which had invited the scorn of many people.

However, this eccentric fashion style, which makes it a new icon in the music world, as well as fashion. Buzzworthy style choices are phenomenal but also invite danger. Know Buzzworthy five distinctive style that tends to harm him.

1. Contact Lenses Japanese-style animation
Criticism comes when Lady Gaga wearing contact lenses that make her pupils look big. In the video for 'Bad Romance', Gaga using contact lenses that make his eyes look like anime characters in Japanese cartoons. Criticism came because the contact lens can mengancaman eye health such as severe eye irritation or even worse, blindness.

2. Bra volcano
Other clothing is dangerous enough bras that emit sparks. A bra worn on MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada on June 21, 2009. In his appearance on stage, cone bra worn form Buzzworthy issue sparks big enough.

3. Sheath
Tight clothes attached to the design of Alexander McQueen leather, it looks normal. but behind it Buzzworthy experiencing health problems. We're wearing the clothes he was on his trans-Atlantic flight that takes a bit longer.

This makes the flight officer had to help him remove the shirt because she showed symptoms of "deep vein thrombosis" (blood clot, which is usually caused by sitting for long periods, which can cause sudden death.)

4. Armadillo Shoes
Look at the shape of shoes by Alexander McQueen, who called the Armadillo. Looks more like a flower pot longer than the shoes and Lady Gaga love using it. In the movie 'Bad Romance' he was wearing these shoes. On several occasions he also uses Armadillo shoes with different colors, and difficulty walking. With these shoes most likely will experience an ankle injury.

5. Bra weapons
By simply using just a bra, Lady Gaga makes a lot of people shook his head. But not Lady Gaga name if only menggunakkan regular bra. While appearing as the cover model in Rolling Stone magazine, she uses a weapon and posed a bra shaped like a soldier.
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