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Clothing Raw Meat a la Lady Gaga

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Raw meat to resemble woven clothing. That's all subject to Lady Gaga

Not Lady Gaga name if not invite controversy. After acting with a horrible anime contact lenses, native woman named Joanne Angelina Stefani Germanotta that use raw meat to wrap her body.Braided raw meat to create the impression like fashion. That was all he used. This controversial action intentionally done to cover photo for Vogue Hommes Japan, the September issue.

Action Gaga clearly reaping the problem. The group of international animal lovers, PETA launched a wave of protests. They consider Gaga action as a form of torture and exploitation of animals.

"No matter how beautiful it is served, the meat still comes from animals that were tortured. Meat depict violence and suffering, so if that is their goal, all of them," said the head of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, as quoted by the NY Daily News.

Gaga is not the first action of the body swollen with raw meat. On the show 'America's Next Top Model 2008', Tyra Banks also wrapped her body with raw meat during a photocall at a slaughterhouse. (Ywn)
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