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Behind the Character Style Dressing

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Dressed simply open style, but also reflects the personality of the wearer.

Every now and then change the style of clothing can have positive influence on mental and psychological condition. A steering force which is familiarly called Dr. B to use his experience to provide value beyond the style of one's choice.

Dr B also offers an alternative to overcome the fashion choices that tend to be monotonous. Here's the meaning behind the style of dress and tricks to change the style of Dr. B, as quoted from page Self.

If you always follow the trend
The trend is very tempting to follow. However, it must fit with the personality self. Always follow the trend without adjusting the body's condition indicates that the characters tend to impulsive, easily bored, and addicted to all things labeled 'latest trend'.

Every now and then try a more classic style. You can use your body fit shirt paired with jeans, then wear patterned shoes. It makes you still look chic without always been a follower of trends.

If you always wear jeans
A pair of jeans is quite fashion must have. If you make it as everyday clothing, it was a sign you're a casual, not like the hassle, and comfort.

Every now and then try to wear neutral colors wrap dress. Choose the cotton fabric or sweatshirt to keep it felt good. Pair with sandals or flat shoes metallic color. Appearances will look different with the same comfort level.

If you are always a classic style
Classics never everlasting. If you always tend to be retro or classic style, can so you do not really like to experiment when it was found comfort.

Every now and then try a more challenging style, such as gothic impression. Wear a black shirt, add unique accessories, and black nail polish.

If your style is always the same every day
This means you are fed up with the activity. You also do not try to change the appearance to eliminate saturation.

You may be able to try new activities for the style of dress may vary from the usual. For example, joining in the gym will make you wear gym clothes are chic and sexy.
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