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Style Contemporary Muslim Women

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The designers managed to highlight the natural silhouette and a woman's curves. Dubai fashion world more colorful with a mix of creativity, culture, traditions and patterns of contemporary cuts. This collaboration gave birth to a stunning masterpiece of modern fashion with a touch of culture from all over the world.

In his latest collection at Dubai Fashion Week, Indian-born designer, Shrekahnth, creating modern pieces on the patterns of light that inspired the journey of Ibn Batuta, a scholar and famous Moroccan traveler.

Women More Like Men in the red dress

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Men dressed in red is considered a higher social status. That makes it attractive. Men who are looking for a mate, the following recipe is worth a try. According to the study team of scientists from the United States (U.S.), the average woman likes a man dressed in red.

According to the CNN page, Friday, August 6, 2010, research that involves the women respondents in a number of countries. They are in China, USA, UK, and Germany. As a result, the majority of respondents stated that the color red is not just a section for women. The Adam also looks attractive when wearing these brightly colored clothes.

Five Style 'Deadly' Lady Gaga

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Know Buzzworthy five distinctive style that tends to harm him.

Lady Gaga is not only confiscate the music world with songs that became hits. He also created his own style which had invited the scorn of many people.

However, this eccentric fashion style, which makes it a new icon in the music world, as well as fashion. Buzzworthy style choices are phenomenal but also invite danger. Know Buzzworthy five distinctive style that tends to harm him.

Clothing Raw Meat a la Lady Gaga

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Raw meat to resemble woven clothing. That's all subject to Lady Gaga

Not Lady Gaga name if not invite controversy. After acting with a horrible anime contact lenses, native woman named Joanne Angelina Stefani Germanotta that use raw meat to wrap her body.Braided raw meat to create the impression like fashion. That was all he used. This controversial action intentionally done to cover photo for Vogue Hommes Japan, the September issue.

Action Gaga clearly reaping the problem. The group of international animal lovers, PETA launched a wave of protests. They consider Gaga action as a form of torture and exploitation of animals.

Behind the Character Style Dressing

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Dressed simply open style, but also reflects the personality of the wearer.

Every now and then change the style of clothing can have positive influence on mental and psychological condition. A steering force which is familiarly called Dr. B to use his experience to provide value beyond the style of one's choice.

Dr B also offers an alternative to overcome the fashion choices that tend to be monotonous. Here's the meaning behind the style of dress and tricks to change the style of Dr. B, as quoted from page Self.