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Why Jewelry Imitation may trigger allergies

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Accessories imitation, if they are not compatible with the skin can trigger skin irritation, swollen and reddened

If you are lover of accessories, you should not carelessly wearing costume jewelry. Unlike the accessories made from gold, costume jewelry, if they are not compatible with the skin can become allergic reaction.

Scientists from the University of Giessen, Germany, claim to have found the reason for the relatively cheap jewelry or imitations can cause allergies and cause a painful skin rash.

Many women who wear a pair of earrings complain of skin irritation, swelling, and reddening. Even the head of the belt can also cause a painful allergic reaction when the accessory was rubbing against the skin.

Based on reports, the study found, the reason for costume jewelry can cause allergies because the average costume jewelry containing nickel. Nickel binding of certain immune system proteins that can trigger the disorder, particularly in the skin.

For those of you who are vulnerable to allergies, nickel friction on the skin can become infectious agents and trigger inflammation. Studies that have been published in the journal Nature Immunology states, allergic symptoms that can arise due to nickel materials, among others, skin burning, itching, redness, swelling and abrasions.

Therefore, be careful if using imitation jewelry, try not used in a long time.
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