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Taurus zodiac (30 August to 5 September 2010)

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Zodiac TAURUS (August 23 to August 29) - Taurus zodiac forecasts week (30 August to 5 September 2010)

No need to wonder if this week you become the center of attention. That the fair one, maybe the people around you feel very attractive, and they're requiring your presence. There is a thing that makes you feel a dilemma. No need to push yourself, and in a hurry in taking action. Make yourself feel calm and comfortable before taking a decision.

Single: something inside you make someone feel curious and interested in you. Hmm ... let's see, what further actions. Pairs: there is a sweet surprise from him. Greeted with smiles, because this week he did not want to stay away from you.

If you do not agree with someone on this week, never mind. There's no need feel guilty, because everyone would have their own opinions. Do not be hostile and visible fight. This will trigger a dispute and a bigger problem. Friendship is very important and rare in your work environment. Appreciate those who are faithful to provide support to you.

You obviously need adequate rest, it is most important. But also note the nutrients from your food intake. No need to avoid carbs during the week, dahulukan health and balance with food combine.
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