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Show off curve of the Body with Clothing Layer

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As long as they know the trick, you can highlight curves contain the clothing layers.

Combining several clothing is often done to create a unique impression on your looks. This is not a problem for the tiny body, but for the larger woman, using layered clothing is often avoided because it is making the body look bigger.

If you have a body contains, in fact style with layered clothing and equipment can be done. As long as they know the trick, with the shortfall, and highlight the advantages of body shapes. Following a five way.

1. A maximum of three layers
Do not have too many layers of clothing, try not more than three layers. Choose clothing that accentuated the basic silhouette with good but not too tight.

2. Bosses structured
Select a top that accentuated the waist line, match the belt, belt, jacket or cardigan. Iridescence is also needed. Select a top layer of dark-colored base, combine with a cardigan or light jacket.

3. Clothing made from fine
Choose clothing made from fine, this is very important because if you use thicker materials will make the body more and looks great. To get an impression more slender, choose clothing that intersect V at the neck. If you want to disguise the stomach, keep the layers in the middle, do not use tight clothes and big.

4. Balance with subordinates simple
Because your boss has been lined, match with a pair of intersecting simple. Can skinny jeans, bootcut or leggings. The same with shoes, choose a darker color and not patterned so that your appearance does not look 'busy'.
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