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Eye makeup 7 Easy Steps

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Have you sometimes wondered how the women who appear so attractive to make up, at night the party you attended? More specifically, you may want to imitate their ways to apply her eye makeup. Beautiful eyes, makes us look so cute right?

No need to wonder, here are seven easy steps your eye makeup for events at night, which only requires 10 minutes of your time.

1. Dab concealer on the area three points under your eyes, especially for those who have dark under eye circle. Flatten with a special brush to blend colors with the color of the skin around the eyes.

2. Dab beige eye shadow base or cream on the eyelids and surrounding area, so that a perfect eye shadow can stick and last longer.

3. Apply eye shadow. It is recommended to choose eye shadow colors in a palette 3. All three colors can be used like this; medium color on the eyelids, the old color on the eyelid crease and the surrounding area, young color on brow bone as highliter. Well drag it slightly to look natural.

4. Next grab a brush, dip quickly into the water, then to a dark color palette of eye shadow. Garisi part closest to the line of the eyelashes grow (up) using this brush, start from the corner of his eyes inside out. Repeat again at the bottom, but start from the middle. Drag it slightly less by using a finger to touch the end.

5. Highliter enlightening the eyes with golden or pink color, drag it slightly with your fingers. This will give the eyes a brilliant display.

6. Give highliter the same (step 5) is also in the middle to the end of your eyebrow, drag it slightly with your fingers.

7. Heat the eyelash curler with your hairdryer for a few seconds. Let stand briefly to reduce the heat, just clamp your eyelashes. Bulumata will be more flicks and last longer.
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