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Eating Fruit discipline in order not Hurry Parents

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Try measuring out your back every day consumption of fruit. Have varied, from the type, color, and its portion? Talk portions should ideally be 10 servings of fruit every day. If not, time to train yourself, get used to eating fruit portion is close to or exactly ideal. That's if you want the skin is always young and fresh, and delay the aging come too early.

Clinical nutrition specialist, Dr. Samuel Oetoro, SpGK, explaining that the fruit is not only a source of vitamins, but also contains high antioxidants. Content of antioxidants derived from fruit pigments. So make sure you eat the appropriate portion of fruit is ideal, with the variant type and color of the fruit so that the benefits of antioxidant antiaging more optimal.

"One of dyes from fruits contain antioxidants which can counteract free radicals. This benefit can be overcome various illnesses, including also make the skin fresher, brighter, and not wrinkled. Moreover, if the activities of daily contact with more sunshine," said Dr. Samuel.

By routinely eat fruit, either whole fruit, crushed (blender), or made of fruit juice every day, 10 servings, 10 species and 10 different colors of fruit each day, intake of antioxidants could be fulfilled. Try at least five servings a day, added Dr. Samuel.

"The more eating the fruit, the greater the antioxidant effect. Latih eat three servings of fruit, increased to five, seven, ten servings each day. Try to eat fruit which varies because of the kind of fruit are abundant and cheap," said Dr. Samuel. Bananas, watermelons, and papayas, according to him, easily and inexpensively available to meet the needs of daily fruit intake.
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