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Cartoon Festival RI to familiarize Ramadan in Cairo

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This cartoon festivals to entertain the children and parents who were fasting.

Of the many ways to respect Muslim holy month, the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, Egypt has a unique way. Various cartoons and films selected for children and adults come together with the advent of Ramadan in Cairo Egypt.

During the entire month, the institute is showing cinematographic festivals as well as providing entertainment for the community. In the quotation from the pages of Al-Masry Al-Youm, during Ramadan, and some schools were closed institutions in Cairo and more children living at home. Thus, the idea to present the work of cartoons for children and parents to fill the fasting time during the run was perfect.

Located in Zamalek, start the parade of film art institutions August 1 to 5 September. The screening was also conducted on Sunday morning. Some notable films that played during Ramadan such as' Tree of Aida (2001) by Guido Manuli and 'Sapore Toto' e He Storia Della Pizza Mimi or 'Toto Sapore Pizza Witchcraft and History' (2003) by Maurizio Forestieri.

Cartoons are chosen specifically for the month of Ramadan begins on August 15, among others, 'The Thin Man Match "(2009, with English subtitles) by Marco Chiarini and three films from director Enzo D'Alo:" Lucky and Zorba "(1998) , 'Momo' (2001), and 'Opopomoz' (2003).

Although the form of cartoons, but the films that played laden with norms and values appropriate for all ages. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of different themes, and stunning music.
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