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3 Fashion Item These Triggering Health Disorders

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Favorite things supporting your appearance can cause health problems. Can certainly be dangerous if left unchecked.

Discover what a fashion item and how you avoid health problems while using it.

1. Metal objects
If it feels itchy, burning leaves with reddish in the ears, metal earrings that you use frequently can be the cause. Nickel is commonly found on metal earrings can cause allergic reactions.

Such as allergic symptoms in general, nickel allergies can develop over many years. Things you should know there is a nickel not only metals but also buckle earrings, bra strap, jeans buttons and costume jewelry.

You can cope with a nickel allergy hydrocortisone cream containing one percent. Or always use jewelry that is made of steel or platinum (the two metals are hypoallergenic). Nickel allergy also means you have sensitive skin, so be sure to use hypoallergenic cosmetics.

2. Tights
Jeans are a rough cloth. And, current trends are skinny pants and jeans are very tight mmembentuk thigh, making him sweat and can trigger inflammation of the skin. These pants can create clogged pores and hair growing in the skin or foliculitis.

Tight jeans can also cause acne the mid-calf and bikini area. To overcome it, moisten the feet with non-comedogenic moisturizer (alpha hydroxy acid ingredients such as large). Try, do not be too frequent use of tight pants.

3. Carryall
Bags are big and heavy, when used can cause friction in the bra strap. This raises a rash or sores on the skin and minor acne occur in the shoulder.

Not only that, the large size of the bag makes you tend to include non-essential items into the bag. This makes heavier loads and can cause pain in the shoulder and back.
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